We are a team of problem solvers.

solveOur goals are to identify, understand, and customize multiple solutions for our clients’ pressure points.

In a field where most IP providers are simply IP providers, our strong background in chip technology gives our clients the benefit of working with a company who has a comprehensive view of the industry.

Who We Work With

Our partnerships with our clients are pivotal part of our business, and we’re fortunate to work with a broad range of market makers in our sector who bring highly-sophisticated solutions to the market. From ASIC providers and system makers to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and hyper-scale data center providers, we are constantly partnering with other industry leaders to produce industry-leading products.

Value Proposition

Our high-performance IP provides a superior level of programmability and configurability and features an extremely small die area that translates into significant cost savings for our clients. Each specific solution is customized for an end application by tailoring the IP based on the weight each of these factors carries towards achieving our client’s individual requirements.Cost Advantage Our team offers unrivaled expertise in developing networking, storage and wireless system-on-chips (SOCs). We produce high-quality results and offer a quicker turnaround time than larger engineering service firms that may have less experienced staff. Our aim is to be both efficient and economical in order to offer an industry-leading return on investment.

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