CoMira Expands Global Support

Company Broadens Coverage in United States, Asia and Europe,
Joins Industry Leaders at CSIA – ICCAD 2022 Show

October 20, 2022 – CoMira Solutions, one of the world’s leading providers of IP for the semiconductor industry, today announced the opening of two new design and support offices for Asia in Pakistan, the expansion of its U.S.-based team in the company’s Pittsburgh R&D Center and additional support coverage in Europe. These moves extend CoMira’s ability to meet the needs of its growing customer base around the world.

“We’re excited to expand our global footprint,” said Qasim Shami, co-founder and CEO of CoMira. “We’re adding experts with a range of experience in semiconductor IP including architects and digital designers as well as specialists in advanced verification and ASIC implementation.”

CoMira’s IP is known for improving power efficiency and performance and reducing the semiconductor die area. The company’s technology appears in some of the world’s most advanced semiconductors for network, SmartNIC, DPU, artificial intelligence, and data center applications.

CoMira’s multi-channel, multi-speed Ethernet universal media access control (MAC) and physical coding sublayer IP (UMAC) is fully configurable and programmable to support any rate on any channel up to 1.6TB. It uses a novel time-sliced architecture that affords maximum density for high port count applications. In addition to being compliant with the IEEE 802.3bs, IEEE 802.3-2012, 25G/50G Ethernet Consortium, IEEE 802.3by, and OIF Flex-E Standards, CoMira also offers non-standard and application-driven protocols and modes of operation that allow us to tailor each IP configuration to a customer’s specific needs.

CoMira representatives will showcase the company’s solutions at the CSIA – ICCAD 2022 Annual Conference & Guangzhou IC Industry Innovation and Development Summit in Guangzhou from November 9 to 10, 2022. Schedule a meeting by emailing CoMira at

About CoMira
CoMira helps the world’s most innovative semiconductor manufacturers make markets. The company’s high-performance Ethernet, Error Correction and Security IP solutions — along with a comprehensive services suite — enables silicon producers to get quickly into production, reduce die area and cost, and deliver differentiated offerings for a variety of applications. CoMira solutions are in some of the highest volume chips optimized for networking, artificial intelligence, machine learning, high-performance computing and servers. For more than 10 years, the company has been a trusted partner for some of the biggest names in the business and specialized startups. To learn more about CoMira, visit